Saturday, January 22, 2011

Warning: Objectifying Is Happening Below

Dear Sentry,

I had a conversation with my roommate this morning that made me pause to reflect and ponder. This, naturally, caused problems for me as I was too late to go to class and am now writing this at a time when I would rather have been learning about the break up of the USSR. Sentry, I think there's something wrong with my brain. I enjoy learning a little too much. The other day, I caught myself giggling with joy over the things I had to read for my classes.

*whisper* Help me...

What was I talking about? Oh yes, my conversation with my roommate. My roommate showed me two pictures: one of a man and one of a woman. Now, being the savvy, self-aware individual that I am, I couldn't help but agree with him that both people were incredibly beautiful. He then asked which one I thought was hotter. Such a funny question. The guy was hotter. Why? Because the patterns of thought that my brain goes down did the following:

Male vs. Female: which do I like more? Male.
Beauty vs. Beauty: which do I like more? Beauty.
So...Beauty + Male = the guy

My roommate, a straight man, thought that the girl was hotter.

Why do I share this with you, Sentry? I mean, besides from the fact that I like to pretend that throwing made up equations into any conversation makes me sound more legit (it's true, you know). My roommate wanted me to admit that I found both individuals hot. I did. I mean, sure, the lady was quite hot. But...I mean, he asked me to pick between a guy and a gal. What did he expect?

My point in all of just realized that I can't add pictures of men and women in scantily clad clothing to this post right now since I'm on a school computer and that will look...odd...So, I will finish this post later, Sentry. 

I'm back and sleep deprived! Here are photos! All women photos minus Madaleine Albright come from my wife's blog . The rest were found around the web. So my question for you is this: who do you find hot among these photos?

My personal favorite, Sentry, is former model Kevin Gould. So cute!!! See for yourself!

Okay, I need sleep.

Your friend,


  1. Your boys look real young. Except for RDJ. BUT I totally forgot to look at the males and had to scroll back up, despite the fact that I've obviously seen the other pics before :)

  2. P.S. Madeline Albright still makes me laugh...

  3. My brain just exploded from so many beautiful people existing on one page.

    For the most part, I can't really say that one is more beautiful than the other. They're all gorgeous. My top three votes are the first and last pictures, along with the shots of Deschanel. :D