Sunday, February 6, 2011

Heads Up!

Dear Sentry,

As usual, I am behind on blog posts. Hopefully I can fix that in the next several days. But in the mean time, I wished to draw your attention to the yearly event that you may or may not know about. Why do I draw your attention? Really, now, Sentry, it should be obvious by now.

I fully confess to acting weird on the ninth, tenth, fifteenth, and twenty-third of this month. Those are the days that I use to ponder and reflect, make goals, and renew my desire to improve my life. This tradition began in sorrow and now continues in joy. So, if I am moody when you talk to me on those days, Sentry, don't be offended. Those are the days when I fully acknowledge that I am allowed to cry without shame, laugh without worry of what others think, and ponder without worry of getting a headache.

It is, in my opinion, the chance to refresh and renew this so-called spirit of mine. Thank you for understanding, Sentry. And to finish this post, I feel I should at least post pictures of my favorite guy in picture.

Your friend,

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