Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Dear Sentry,

I'm in an odd mood! So to celebrate that I thought I'd write about some of my oddities, numbering in no particular order:

1. My ideal footwear is one sock on one foot and no sock on the other. I feel off-balance until I am wearing my socks like that but think others doing it is weird.

2. When making blog posts, if I have pictures I have to have both men and women or else I feel like my post isn't complete.

3. An old roommate used to refer to me as the "spiritual atheist."

4. I am a night owl and a morning person :(

5. I love to hug and touch people but do not like it when someone else tries to hug or touch me first
5a. there are a strange few people that I don't freak out when they touch me...there's no rhyme or reason behind why particularly them.

6. I love being interrupted in my work by little kids and pestered by friends.

7. If you break my heart, I will hate you for it but will swallow my pain and anger to help you out on anything.

8. I absolutely hate having people do anything for me if it's out of obligation. I have been known to cancel dates, hanging out with friends, and given people excuses to get out of doing anything for my birthday just to avoid being in a situation where the other person feels they are obligated to be with me.

9. I love to debate pointless things.

10. I think it's cute when a dog licks a person's face but will never let the dog lick my face.

11. I love "Your mom" and "That's what she said" jokes.

12. I love teddy bears but only from the Gund company thanks to my little brother.

13. I will cry over random things.

14. Lastly: I love, love, LOVE sushi!!!

I hope you have a good day, Sentry :)

Your friend,

Everyone Loves a Lesbian!

Dear Sentry,

I apologize for my all too common disappearances. This past month has, with yearly regularity, both disabled and enabled me to continue on with life. It disabled me with the all too familiar melancholy of that comes this time of year accompanied by deep soul-searching that has enabled me to renew my desire to experience life in all its beauty and wonder.

In other words, Sentry, I'm back!!! And to celebrate my return, I share a few couple videos that my wife shared with me, ha ha! Warning, they might be offensive to some people.

The first video made me laugh out loud so hard that it's rapidly become one of my favorite videos! In other happy news, my wife and I are in a domestic partnership now on Facebook (official, right?) and because I asked her to be in it, Facebook told her that she's my boyfriend! This is the second time I've had a female boyfriend but she is by far the best! Love you, wife!

I really didn't have any point in talking to you, Sentry, aside from sharing clips and not having a point in doing it. I confess that I miss you. And have so many posts to complete and put up. I hope you day goes well!

Your friend,