Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Dear Sentry,

I'm in an odd mood! So to celebrate that I thought I'd write about some of my oddities, numbering in no particular order:

1. My ideal footwear is one sock on one foot and no sock on the other. I feel off-balance until I am wearing my socks like that but think others doing it is weird.

2. When making blog posts, if I have pictures I have to have both men and women or else I feel like my post isn't complete.

3. An old roommate used to refer to me as the "spiritual atheist."

4. I am a night owl and a morning person :(

5. I love to hug and touch people but do not like it when someone else tries to hug or touch me first
5a. there are a strange few people that I don't freak out when they touch me...there's no rhyme or reason behind why particularly them.

6. I love being interrupted in my work by little kids and pestered by friends.

7. If you break my heart, I will hate you for it but will swallow my pain and anger to help you out on anything.

8. I absolutely hate having people do anything for me if it's out of obligation. I have been known to cancel dates, hanging out with friends, and given people excuses to get out of doing anything for my birthday just to avoid being in a situation where the other person feels they are obligated to be with me.

9. I love to debate pointless things.

10. I think it's cute when a dog licks a person's face but will never let the dog lick my face.

11. I love "Your mom" and "That's what she said" jokes.

12. I love teddy bears but only from the Gund company thanks to my little brother.

13. I will cry over random things.

14. Lastly: I love, love, LOVE sushi!!!

I hope you have a good day, Sentry :)

Your friend,


  1. I think this calls for a sushi night!

  2. I am ALL with you on numbers 4,5,6,7,and 8. As for Sushi- it looks kind of good, but I cannot bring myself to try it. I do not do sea food well. Maybe that is the reason? I am glad you enjoy it, though. I have heard that sushi is delicious. ;)

    happy day!

  3. Hell to the yeah, sushi!
    We haven't been on a sushi outing in ages, Jeremy... D:

  4. Agree about the sushi night. But we have to go next month when I actually have money again :D
    P.S. I love you and I loved this post and getting to learn more about you!