Monday, September 5, 2011

Character in a Story

Dear Sentry,

So, I write stories. But you might have known that. I don't actually remember. Forgive me for my bad memory on this. Anyway, I wanted to share something with you. To help me get into the mind of the character, I create a playlist with songs that remind me of some facet of what the character is feeling or some aspect of an event in the story. It's meant to help inspire me while I write.

I wanted to share one of these playlists. You tell me what you think. This particular playlist runs about an hour and twenty minutes or so. So, if you listen to it all, plan on having the music in the background while going about your day (or days).

This playlist focuses on the character Caleb Martin. He's this young twenties guy, fresh-faced, and naive as all get out. But he's sweet and kind and will help you out if your in a bind. Also, not surprisingly, he's gay and still Mormon. At the beginning of the story, his best friend has just committed suicide and he's struggling to find his place in the world. His family disowned him when he came out to them and he's not all that close to his other roommates. So he's feeling very vulnerable and alone. The playlist starts with when he first moves in with his new roommates (the other main characters) and goes until the end of the story. Enjoy! Or...get really bored, Sentry!

1. New Soul - Yael Naim

2. Goin' Home - Bill Ferguson (from the movie Shelter)

3. Je n'aime que toi (from the French musical Les Chansons d'Amour)

4. Safe in a Crazy World - Corrinne May

5. Pure Imagination (Glee Version)
6. Death Shall Not Destroy My Comfort - BYU Concert and Choir

7. Stillness of Mine (from the movie A Single Man)

8. Jesus, The Very Thought of Thee - Mindy Gledhill version

9. Mother Knows Best (from the movie Tangled)

10. Gentle - Marie Pearson

11. My Joy is Full (from the Seminary Book of Mormon Soundtrack)

12. More Than This - Shane Mack (from the movie Shelter)
13. I Want to Hold Your Hand - T.V. Carpio (from the movie Across the Universe)
14. Pon de Replay - Rihanna
15. Pyromania - Cascada
16. Hymn - Brooke Fraser
17. Mother Knows Best (Reprise) (from the movie Tangled)
18. Everytime - Britney Spears
19. Somewhere Only We Know (Glee version)
20. Jar of Hearts - Christina Perry
21. Firework - Katy Perry
22. You'll Always Be My Best Friend - Relient K
23. Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing - Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Your Friend,
I love this scene because it's pathetically adorable...sad! Ha ha!!!