Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Your Evil is a Cesspool to Me

Arch Nemesis,

Some days I think you have to live in a bubble to not know how silly some of your ideas are. Then I realize that you do live in a bubble, our school's. You grew up in Utah, served a Mormon mission to some foreign country, came back virtually unchanged and certain that your beliefs triumph over all of us godless heathens, and went to Brigham Young University. When I consider all of this...I stop and say, "Well of course! He's just closed-minded." Oh, if such nuances between good and evil were that simple. But your evil is more than that, isn't it? You don't just endorse and believe you are correct you know you're correct.

Whereas I, in all my wholesome debauchery, am above the tawdry foolishness of your thoughts. I embrace the light (a rather hard thing to do, I'll have you know) and seek after virtue and whatever else is righteous-y. I have always been true to my beliefs (like you). I have always been faithful to the truth (unlike you!). So, I snub my perfect nose at you. Harumph!

Let's be real though, dear Arch Nemesis, we have our differences. They are as brightly evident as the sun in the sky. One in particularly is that I endorse the political right of social freedoms for minorities. We are equal as humans when it comes to the right to vote and marry. My choice to marry a man does not inhibit or destroy your ability to find a woman (and then run like hell away from her). But maybe it does. Maybe - in some way - you are unable to find girl (and once finding her: actually make any form of contact with her) and marry her because I exist. I destroy your ability to have a happy successful marriage. If we were neighbors taking care of our lawns would mine be perfectly manicured and cared for while yours would become a cesspool that mirrors your evil heart? Naturally, of course. But would your evil cesspool of a yard be because I worked on my yard and am therefore at fault? According to you, yes.

Arch Nemesis, I bear no evil against you (just righteous, humble, all-American fury). That's what you do with a smile on your face holding Jesus in your heart as you do so. It sends me crashing to the ground when I realize the absurdity of your worldview. On one hand you are some emissary of a God of love while in the other you hold the shackles of slavery, depression, and destruction against people like me. It's as though someone (sure, why not God) wrote this comedy of absurdities to which you and I act our parts (I, of course virtuous and you of pure and mindless evil-ness).

May you see reason someday,
Mr. Sanity

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