Friday, August 5, 2011


Dear Sentry,

I have a dream. A dream that will one day become reality. When my forefathers (and mothers) arrived in the barren and desolate land of Utah (or Ootah, as they say in the Book of Mormon musical), they took to heart the counsel of beard-loving ol' Brigham Young and made their homes in these valleys. They heard the song in their heart (as it wouldn't be recorded and played for over a hundred years) the song "Go West" by the village people. Yes, Sentry, they went west. Why? Cause life was peaceful there. Go west. They went and in the West they settled. Did they complain? I assume so. I am related to them, after all. But did they make do? Yes!

My dream is to one day see Salt Lake City become a place of happiness, tolerance, and paradise (click on link). A city where men can walk around holding hands with other men. Where women can do the same!

Where on every street corner cannons shoot glitter on the hour (it will be a city littered in glitter, I realize, but a fabulous city!) to remind people that the rainbow menace is here to stay!
It will be a place where there is celebrating in the streets! Where gossip is done in the form of musicals!
Yes, Sentry! Just imagine it! Utah: gayest state in the Union! What's this? You lived in San Francisco? Psh, it's Utah where you wanna be. The rainbow flag is the state flag now! They have glitter cannons! What your city doesn't? That's so bland and tragic. Sentry, I see a Utah where the new state flag would be shown everywhere. It would be a city and state that would celebrate love in all its forms.
Some day this dream will come true, Sentry. Some day I will see the realization of it. Bigotry cannot last. Hatred and misunderstanding will one day yield to love and understanding. Tolerance will surrender happily to acceptance. We will get there. We will be better. Plus, how could anyone deny the opportunity to have glitter cannons to celebrate life? Come on, Sentry, you know you want your presence acknowledged by rainbow flags and glitter!

Your friend,


  1. I really love this vision! (Plus you will be created jobs. Someone is going to have sweep that glitter up a few times a day.)