Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Now I'm Talking About Boys

Dear Sentry,

The lovely lady list has been put up. My wife has commented on it. Now it's time for the man list.

Robert Downey Jr.
He is one of my favorite actors. I loved him in Iron Man and absolutely loved him in Sherlock Holmes. I love the way he acts and the personality of his characters. Mr. Downey, I would marry you in heart beat (sorry, wife ;) )

Mitch Hewer
He's a hottie. I fully admit to liking this boy based first on looks and then second on acting. I saw him in Skins and loved him in it. He is a wonderful actor, in case you're wondering.

Nicholas Hoult
He was also in Skins with Mitch Hewer. But I loved him in A Single Man

Neil Patrick Harris
What more can be said after stating his name? Nothing that's what. That's how awesome Mr. Neil Patrick Harris is.

Taye Diggs
Idina Menzel, I approve of your husband. I love that they met on Rent. 

Jay Brannon
He is one of my favorite singers. I love his voice. It's magical, in case you wanted to know.

Ryan Kwanten
This Australian actor is MF hot!!!! If you need to know what "mf" stands for, go look at gorgeous individuals of your attraction(s) and start using "hot" to describe them. Eventually you'll find some are more than hot and the "mf" abbreviation works (but do not shout "mf." Say the word). Oh...and Ryan Kwanten is a great actor as well. I first saw him in the Australian kids show Spellbinder. I love him in True Blood. Ryan, this song sums up what I want to do with you. Never has stupidity been so hot!

Enrique Iglesias
Who wouldn't want this man (other than my wife...)? He is a wonderful voice and he is a cutie!

 Rob Lowe
I love him in West Wing. He's one of my favorite actors in it (well, after Allison Janney). 

Jon Stewart
The man is genius. Pure genius. That's all.

Paul Blackthorne
I loved him in Dresden Files as "Harry Dresden." I loved the character that he played in it and was always intrigued by the actor. Mr. Blackthorne is a fun guy to like!

Dante Basco
The beautiful and forever-young Rufio!!!!! Loved him as Prince Zuko in Avatar: The Last Airbender and in But I'm a Cheerleader.

David Archuleta
This final one is more for a friend of mine. He knows who (if he still reads this, lol!). I'm not a huge fan of Mr. Archuleta but he is cute 

These are the men. So long for now, Sentry!

Your friend,

The title is taken from a funny video I saw earlier this year.


  1. a. I would always support you marrying a man and divorcing my ass.
    b. Nicholas Hoult was the kid in About a Boy!!! Cra-za-zy, right? And did you see him in X-Men: First Class? I mean, I hardly noticed him with all the pretty ladies.
    c. Your 'mf' bit was hilarious :D
    d. Enrique? Well, he's better post-mole removal. But I was Team Ricky Martin when I was younger :)