Saturday, April 30, 2011

Important Life Lessons...or Something Like That

Dear Sentry,

Last night I went clubbing. I had managed to convince a number of my atheist friends to go clubbing with me last night and from all appearances everyone seemed to have a good time. Yet while dancing, I could not help but reflect on lessons I had learned from clubbing. So I thought I would share them with you, Sentry.

1. If you are a straight guy at a gay club looking for girls to dance with....just stop. You're creepy and you're frightening the girls there.

2. If given the opportunity to dance with a drag queen, take it. Always.

3. There is a reason why there are cages for people to dance in: to creepers out.

This requires a short story, Sentry. This guy was dancing in the cage at the club last night. Outside the cage was a man that was just creepy dancing all over the cage on the outside. Moral of the story, the poor boy in the cage was safe by only the fact the man couldn't fit through the bars to get to him.

4. Underwear is a perfectly acceptable outfit to dance in.

5. Lesbians are your best line of defense. Always.

6. Going clubbing without my wife makes me sad :(

1 comment:

  1. Your #1 lesson is SO true. Straight dudes... Just... don't. DO NOT.

    And #6 makes me sad :( I miss you terribly, dearest husband.