Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Beauty Part 1

Dear Sentry,

The days continue to speed on, Sentry. I can't wait to graduate. I've had fun but I know that it's time for me to move on. Ever have one of those days where you're sick and tired of all that you see around you, Sentry? You feel in the very depths of your being a restlessness and yearning that cannot be quenched by the daily routines and the negativity that exists where you are? No amount of pacifying can ever full quell this yearning that has seeped into every fiber and ounce of your being, eclipsing your very soul? That's how I feel. These past two years have felt like a transitional period and now I'm ready to make that transition is complete. I'm through with being an incomplete being waiting to fully live while pretending I'm nothing more than a dumb beast to be guided and herded about.
(You can never go wrong with a picture of Hugh Jackman)

But enough of that. That day is still some time away and there are other subjects I'd rather talk with you about, Sentry. I want to talk about beauty in this letter and two more. So what do you think makes a person beautiful? Do you prefer blonds or brunettes? Red heads? Do you prefer taller or shorter, bigger or smaller? Aggression or meekness? Adventurous or easy-going? I do not speak of polar opposites but rather of different spectra. What is beautiful for you? Does the body matter more than the mind or matter absolutely over the feelings and thoughts of another person or vice versa? Is youth the only thing that can claim the title of beauty or even old age?

I've thought of this recently and, because it gives me the excuse to post pictures, I want to post pictures of people and ask you, Sentry, to think: what do you find as beautiful?
(I think she is the most beautiful based off her eyes alone)

Do any of those individuals meet your definition of beauty? I have found that I have to separate beauty into different categories. Individuals that I can only visually interact with (stars, strangers on the street, etc.) I will rate purely on a physical basis. Do they possess a vitality or vigorous nature that exudes charisma? I find that beautiful. Slender and bigger people can be beautiful to me if they possess an energy that captivates you. Simply having youthful looks and such isn't always enough though I will always admit that someone is handsome or pretty if they have flawless skin, a dazzling smile, or clearly take care of themselves. But it's not really enough for me

What qualifies as beauty to us when it comes to people? I mean, we all come in different shapes and sizes. It's easy to say that everyone is beautiful in their own special way and I think that's the better answer, but society isn't as mature as that. Youth, slender to muscular build are all characteristics that give a person the description of beautiful. Society's views on what is aesthetic or beautiful changes with the times, as history shows us, but I think there will always be more to it and that beauty is truly a timeless concept.

Sentry, I think beauty lies in the harmony of the different characteristics of a person. Beauty lies in the ability to mix the mind, heart, and body together in a way that expresses beauty in a unique way. Beauty is truly achieved when a person discovers and finds comfort in the expression of exactly who they are, whoever they are be they lovers of science-fiction books and films; ever aware and on the cutting edge of fashion; politically savvy; expressive in the arts; gifted in languages; sophisticated with words or numbers and equations; and so on.

Beauty, I think is on a base level connected to sexual attraction, but on a higher level a recognition of the more positive aspects of the human soul. I think older people, little kids, teenagers, young adults, and middle aged are all beautiful. I think individuals and couples are beautiful regardless of the gender of their partners or how they express their sexuality. So, I ask you, Sentry, are couples beautiful?

I realize this letter is somewhat vague and all of the place. I'll get to my point in the question: what qualifies as beautiful to you? You already know my opinion. I think each individual above is either beautiful or has the potential to be. Beauty to me is, as said before, the totality of all the parts of a person. Enjoy your day, Sentry.

Your friend,

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